The Writing Adventures Mission

Hello, and thank you for seeking more information about Writing Adventures! Our students each come to us for a variety of reasons. Some are avid writers with a passion for the process
and seeking a more in-depth experience;
Some are reluctant writers looking for a class environment that will inspire and encourage them. Whatever your reason for enrolling your child in our classes, rest assured they will receive a truly individualized experience from a dynamic and passionate teacher. Our curriculum is designed to give students opportunities for writing in a variety of formats and styles. This allows us to better prepare students for the diverse writing skills they will need throughout their life and ensures students are always engaged and challenged. ﷯
A Love of Writing
Writing, in addition to being an vital component to your child’s education and beyond, is a wonderfully creative and exciting world to explore. With so many different themes offered through our curriculum, your child will always feel excited and encouraged. Key Writing Skills
Our cutting-edge curriculum is rooted in variety. In order to be capable writers, students should develop skills to write in a variety of capacities and formats. Our curriculum includes a diverse curriculum full of opportunities for students to practice those skills. Creative writing techniques like story structure, character development, and plot development, plus technical writing skills like effective word choice, sentence fluency, and organization are just some of the writing areas your child will begin to strengthen. Social and Interpersonal Skills
Because every class includes a variety of team-building games and collaborative writing activities, one of the many added benefits to a Writing Adventures class is the many friends your child will make, along with the communication and social skills they will build.
Tools for Presenting Effectively
Our workshops provide many opportunities for students to present and share their wonderful work with each other. These low-pressure, high-fun “showcases” build confidence and foster important skills for presenting.

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