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Our daughter is fortunate enough to be able to attend a number of different extra-curricular activities, but she is most animated about Writing Adventures camps. It’s proven to be a stimulating environment, and she looks forward to heading back each day. Beyond the bright and calm environment they’ve created in the studio, we’ve noted most specifically her teacher’s ability to make a genuine connection with all the children of various age groups that attend. By comparison to other camp environments, we’ve seen the direct impact and growth of our daughter through her relationship with her writing adventures teacher, Marissa. There is no shortage of variety and we are regularly surprised at the thought and creativity dedicated to developing an interesting and varied curriculum. We are so pleased she spends time there!

Mark Fancourt, Parent

Camp Testimonials


Last year was my first summer at Writing Adventures. It was the best camp I have ever been to. There are so many different camps like Animal Adventures and Movie Magic, and we write all kinds of fun stories. I love to write and going to Writing Adventures makes me very happy.

Olivia, 10

Writing Adventures is not just a place to learn; it's a place to grow, make new friends, and find your best writing skills. I've been coming to camps for two years, and I've already learned so much and thrived. They've taught me writing in a really fun way.

Sophia, 11

A summer camp at Writing Adventures is like a secret clubhouse full of your best friends where you play games, talk and laugh all day, but come home suddenly able to write heartbreakingly lovely prose and to debate the merits of the Oxford comma.

Melissa Berger, Parent

My son Maxwell was going into middle school after this summer, but we found his writing skills lacking during 5th grade.  He was afraid to write and, when forced, just wrote brief sentences and would not expand on any ideas.


While Las Vegas has no shortage of entertainment venues, finding a suitable writing class/camp for Max was no easy task.  I searched high and low and finally found Writing Adventures online.  I browsed the website and found their material both educational and entertaining so I knew it would not be as dry as a normal writing class. Max was REALLY RELUCTANT to go to any writing class because "writing = pain" in his brain.


Just before summer, I signed up for 2 weeks of camp.  Max again complained and moaned at first about going to camp, but Marissa did her magic and soon Max was won over and was looking forward to going to class each day and looking forward to each different camp the following week.  He spent 8 weeks there this past summer.  Time flew by and Max is already looking to go again next summer.  Writing Adventures modified his perception of writing, and he is likely to become a much better writer the more he writes.


Bottom line is any English teacher can teach writing, but few can make it as fun and as educational as Marissa and Writing Adventures can.  Give it a try and the proof will be in the pudding as they say.  I will be a client for years to come.

Jeff Wu, Parent

Marissa is a modern day Mary Poppins. I don't know how she does it. Always smiling--calm, cool, controlled ... and so Creative! My daughter can't get enough of the full-day camps, and doesn't want to leave, even after seven hours. Begs to go to aftercare. It is a safe, stimulating environment for your child, and Marissa is one in a million.

Victoria Lavish, Parent.

I've been to camps at Writing Adventures that were one of the highlights of my summer. Those camps didn't just teach me about writing. They taught me how to direct a movie, run and business, and so much more!

Ben, 10

It's fun, creative, special, unique, funny, joyful, and I love it!

Vivian, 7

My daughters attended Writing Adventures this summer for the first time. They were initially signed up for only 2 weeks but loved it so much that I had to cancel their other camp so they could attend more! Marissa, the camp director, is so wonderful with the children. She knows how to tap into their most creative selves all while having fun. My kids came home with the most amazing stories, poems, and all sorts of adventures every week. They are not just sitting at a desk writing all week, they are having FUN! They craft, play games, and get to explore the best version of themselves while making amazing friends all at the same time. I recommended this camp to several friends and their children also loved it as much as mine. My girls can't wait to attend again next summer.


Nina Mirzayan, Parent

Writing Adventures provided my son multiple weeks of fun and learning this summer. Finding a camp that develops children's creativity and social skills, while incorporating age appropriate learning material can be a challenge. Look no further! Marissa works so hard on the details of her camp curriculum. My son enjoyed every minute of his summer at Writing Adventures.  All of the campers and families were always so polite and kind. Many friendships and memories were made. Thank you, Writing Adventures, for providing such an enriching environment this summer!

Annie Guiliano, Parent

I have something to look forward to when I wake up in the morning each summer. Writing Adventures camp saves me from boredom at home, and it's still educational. I never knew I could have so much fun at writing camp.

Tristan, 11

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