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Ages 8-14    9am-4pm    $299/week  (siblings $239)

Extended care available from 8:00am-5:00pm

($50/week for AM Care - $50/week for PM Care)

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Exciting adventures await each week at a Writing Adventures camp! Enthusiastic and reluctant

writers alike love our camps because of our dynamic instruction and unique curriculum. Writing comes to life like never before, and each week brings new projects and surprises. Our

camps days also include high-energy games, art projects,/crafts/creations, illustrating activities, and time with new & returning friends.


Every week culminates with Fun Friday, a day dedicated to exciting off-site field trips, one-of-a-kind guest visitors and teachers, or in-house special events. Campers take home a portfolio of their wonderful writing and all their amazing art projects at the end of each week.

Please see full details below for each camp week.


All camps held at the Writing Adventures studio located at 3227 E. Warm Springs Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89120

May 29-June 1   Movie Magic

Lights, camera, tons of fun and action! Experience the production side of movie-making as you write and create your own short film in this unique camp. We'll learn about different movie-making techniques and genres and give you all the tools you'll need to write and star in a short movie you'll treasure forever! Campers will have the opportunity to focus on the areas that interest them most, including writing, producing, directing, and acting.

(shortened week - no camp 5/28 - $29 discount)

Fun Friday: Special movie premier party where we'll view each other's short films plus The Writing Adventures Awards, where each camper will receive an award for their unique contributions and talents.

June 4-8  Gnome Homes & Fairy Gardens

A miniature world of splendor awaits you this week! Campers will design, plant, and build an enchanted garden and write whimsical stories about their garden’s gnome and fairy residents. We’ll explore areas of storytelling, play exciting games, create art work and decorations to add to our gardens, and enjoy time with new and returning friends.

Fun Friday: Picnic and play at our local Green Valley Park plus a special movie party watching Gnomeo and Juliet.

June 11-15  Amusement Park Engineer

Engineering and writing come together this week like never before! Campers will design and create their own miniature amusement park and write a dynamic brochure advertising their creation! We'll explore new concepts in visual design, architecture, physics, and compete in group building challenges throughout the week. Persuasive writing techniques will help us create the perfect brochure advertising our new theme park.

Fun Friday: Amusement Park Day! Campers will have a chance to test and explore each other's theme parks, plus games and our ultimate build challenges with prizes.

June 18-22 Mystery at the Mansion

Step into the Writing Adventure Mansion and get ready for a week of twists and turns! Come, if you dare, and uncover the mysterious elements of writing a mystery story with spellbinding plots, creepy characters, and cleverly concealed clues. We'll then create our own mini mystery mansion using clay, paint, and paper crafting. Dust off your magnifying glasses, and attend a week of mystery, suspense, and fun!

Fun Friday: Live-action mystery role-play! Campers will get into character & costume and use interrogation, sleuthing, and acting to try and solve the studio mystery. Time to investigate and make your accusations! Will you be able to solve this mystery?

June 25-29 Playwright's Theater

This week, you get to take control as director, writer, and producer of your own scenes! Theater lovers who want more experience behind the scenes will get the opportunity of a lifetime at Playwright's Theater.  Campers will write their own skits and scenes and then watch their vision be brought to life by local professional actors. We'll perfect our leadership and scene writing skills plus play hilarious ice-breaker and improv games.

Fun Friday: Our week culminates with a special  performance, where playwrights will see their writing showcased as their scenes are performed for friends and family.

July 2-6  Great Works - Art & Writing

Imagine yourself as one of the world's great artists, poets, painters, or philosophers, and join us for Great Works as we explore the sophisticated side of creativity! Days rich in art, calligraphy, oil painting, philosophy, and poetry await you. Campers will experience training in new art mediums like oil paints and calligraphy brushes, plus see how the written word can be art itself through playful poetry and enlightening philosophy. (shortened week - no camp 7/4 - $29 discount)

Fun Friday: Our artists and writers will be celebrated at our Art Showcase and Reception, where art and writing will be displayed for family and friends while enjoying bubbly beverages and pastries.

July 9-13  Voyage through the Galaxy

Put on your space boots and suit and get ready for an other-worldly adventure through our universe and beyond! Each day will take us to a new part of the galaxy as we deepen our knowledge through space-themed writing and art projects, simulations, sci fi stories, and other stellar adventures.

Fun Friday: Our studio will be transformed into our own personal interactive planetarium as we enjoy comfy indoor stargazing with sleeping bags and solar-oven smores.

July 16-20   Entrepreneurs Week

Innovation and hard work come together this week as campers create and develop their own businesses! Entrepreneurs will learn all the fundamentals of starting their own businesses selling either a service or product they are passionate about. This week will be packed with crucial information every business owner needs, including writing a business plan, practicing good business ethics, generating a profit, and how written communication plays a vital role in your business's success.

Fun Friday: Marketplace day! Families of our entrepreneurs are invited to join us at the Writing Adventures Marketplace to learn about our new businesses and will have the opportunity to purchase goods and services from our innovative entrepreneurs .

July 23-27  Spy School

Hello Secret Agent, and welcome to top-secret spy school at Writing Adventures! This week, you'll become an expert in code names, disguises, and forensic investigating. You'll first need to prove your skills in designing and solving secret codes. Then we'll move on to writing your expert mission,

 creating your spy gear, and forensic challenges.

Fun Friday: Your final mission, should you choose to accept it: Successfully complete a laser maze challenge and make it out of an escape room to earn your official Spy School Certification.

July 30-August 3    Scrumptious Kitchen Tales

We're taking writing into the kitchen to create some delicious and delightful food-themed stories, poems, and real recipes! In addition to a variety of writing activities, campers will create yummy crafts and art projects inspired by their favorite foods, plus we'll learn and prepare easy and delicious recipes as our morning snack each day!

Fun Friday: Off-site field trip to world-famous chocolate factory Ethel M.! We'll learn all about the factory and their chocolate creations then experience a special tasting & sampling class with Ethel M.'s expert chocolatiers.

August 6-10  Fantasy Worlds

Magic and fantasy worlds will come to life during this unforgettable camp. Journey with us through a mystical week as we adopt our own mythical creatures and create a guide to care for them, craft a spectacular dragon's egg, dream up our own fantasy boarding school of choice for fairies, vampires, trolls, mermaids, or anything in between, and then craft a magic wand and create a commercial demonstrating its magical abilities.

Fun Friday: Writing Adventures will be turned into many fantastical worlds as campers design and transform a room in our studio into their own magical land.

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