I've been to camps at Writing Adventures that were one of the highlights of my summer. Those camps didn't just teach me about writing. They taught me how to direct a movie, run and business, and so much more!


My son treasures his time at Writing Adventures He just lights up when thinking about writing now!  He was struggling with writing in school, but now he sees writing as a tool for his creativity, and is thriving. Thank you for inspiring our son!

Writing Adventures an amazing program that is not only academic, but it's FUN AND CREATIVE!!! My 8 year old has been going to Writing Adventures since she was about 6 (She's now 8) and she loves it. She BEGS to go on the weekends and for summer camps, and even counts down to Thursday so she can attend the weekly after-school program at her school.

Above all else, I call Marissa the "kid whisperer". She is able to connect with each of them, and the kids adore her because they can feel that she genuinely cares for them too! It's obvious that she puts a lot of time and efforts into each class and theme because my daughter comes home with complete writing and crafts/works of art! My daughter doesn't usually love to write, but will gladly write more than one draft of a project to fix errors once it's been corrected, because it's done in a fun way. I love that she is learning and understanding the writing process while being allowed to create her own magic spells, make up the proper way to care for a unicorn, or even create her own fairy land and rules, while creating her own actual fairy garden! What kid doesn't want to use their imagination that way?! Marissa just "gets it", and in my opinion when it comes to the kind of person that I allow to help educate my child and spend extended periods of time with, that is invaluable.


Writing Adventures provided my son multiple weeks of fun and learning this summer. Finding a camp that develops children's creativity and social skills, while incorporating age appropriate learning material can be a challenge. Look no further! Marissa works so hard on the details of her camp curriculum. My son enjoyed every minute of his summer at Writing Adventures.  All of the campers and families were always so polite and kind. Many friendships and memories were made. Thank you, Writing Adventures, for providing such an enriching environment this summer!

It's fun, creative, special, unique, funny, joyful, and I love it!


Marissa is a modern day Mary Poppins. I don't know how she does it. Always smiling--calm, cool, controlled ... and so Creative! My daughter can't get enough of the full-day camps, and doesn't want to leave, even after seven hours. Begs to go to aftercare. It is a safe, stimulating environment for your child, and Marissa is one in a million.

I have something to look forward to when I wake up in the morning each summer. Writing Adventures camp saves me from boredom at home, and it's still educational. I never knew I could have so much fun at writing camp.


My daughters attended Writing Adventures this summer for the first time. They were initially signed up for only 2 weeks but loved it so much that I had to cancel their other camp so they could attend more! Marissa, the camp director, is so wonderful with the children. She knows how to tap into their most creative selves all while having fun. My kids came home with the most amazing stories, poems, and all sorts of adventures every week. They are not just sitting at a desk writing all week, they are having FUN! They craft, play games, and get to explore the best version of themselves while making amazing friends all at the same time. I recommended this camp to several friends and their children also loved it as much as mine. My girls can't wait to attend again next summer. BEST CAMP EVER!!!!!


Writing Adventures is a dynamic, fun and welcoming learning community. Marissa is warm and loving and gives each student attention and respect. From our first meeting I felt lucky to have found this opportunity for my children. Both of them bounce through the door each week, eager to learn, play and continue friendships. As a homeschooling family, Writing Adventures is the cornerstone of our week.


My daughter is so empowered, confident, inspired, and excited by her classes, camps and special events with Writing Adventures!! To say she looks forward to going and working and learning there (and with the amazing Marissa!) would be a great understatement. She takes every skill she learns there and applies them into her other school work, she confidently explores new games and activities based on what she's experienced there, and she is always incredibly excited after any time spent there. Our family is so grateful to have found a teacher who is so willing to go the extra mile and meet her students where they are with endless creativity and care!! The studio space itself is bright, cheerful, open, tidy and always ready for whatever adventure is about to begin. The camp and kids-night themes are super creative and always fresh and enticing. Marissa Filippis, the teacher/owner/creator extraordinaire, is always uplifting and confidence building, greets every child (and parent, etc!) with a genuine smile and curiosity about them, and she continuously seeks out ways to make writing a true, beloved adventure.

This year will be my fourth summer at Writing Adventures. It's the best camp I have ever been to. I love coming here because all of the other kids are so nice. There are so many different camps like Animal Adventures and Movie Magic, and we write all kinds of fun stories. I love to write and going to Writing Adventures makes me very happy.

Writing Adventures is like a giant, delicious burrito made with only the purest of laughter, fun, energy, and education. Kids, you have to come!!


I love that Writing Adventures is not hard. I learn a lot and make new friends! We get to write and I love the games. It is just awesome. Teacher Marissa is cool.

Every day is a new adventure with joy. Keep doing what you're doing. Writing Adventures is truly one of the best things ever!

I love Writing Adventures. I've been here for three years. I learn a lot from Marissa. She has a lot of patience and puts a lot of time into putting camps together.

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 These classes have been a blessing for my reluctant writers because they have encouraged them to be creative and express themselves. During class, my kids are encouraged to think out-of-the box and dig deep. They are learning how to develop characters, organize and develop plots, creative uses of words, and various tools that help them to be more interesting writers. Although my children belong to a home school group, scouting, swim team, and attend various other clubs, hands down, Writing Adventures is their favorite part of the week. Marissa Filippis, founder of Writing Adventures, provides a great service to the community. She combines creativeness, fun, and her wonderful sense of humor with teaching important tools and skills that our kids will need throughout their lifetime.

My two sons love their Writing Adventures class.  They are both creative little boys, and having an outlet for their creativity to be nurtured is wonderful.   Each year they always request to go back to their Writing Adventures class.

My children have been in Writing Adventures classes for years and they LOVE THEM! My middle son was 10 1/2 when he started taking classes. He was unwilling to write ANYTHING. Handwriting, writing stories, writing even his name-all not happening. Within three weeks of starting classes he was staying up late at night writing stories. He constantly talked about the class, he made sure I knew when the next sign ups were, he never missed a class...he not only didn't fight going, he BEGGED to go!


My son's Writing Adventures teacher/tutor is an extremely talented bubble of energy, patience, and passion who instills a love of the written word within each and every one of her students.  She caters to each child as an individual and motivates them to value such crucial writing elements as planning, character development, and perfect word choice.  My son has grown leaps and bounds as a young writer, and we appreciate Writing Adventures' huge role in his journey!

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